Exploring Arizona

We’re fairly new here and we’re having a blast exploring Arizona. We’ve found a state overflowing with great scenery, incredible plants and animals, and impressive history. The Grand Canyon is only one of Arizona’s amazing sights!

We offer a fresh look at Arizona, traveling to its state and national parks, touring its roads, looking at its scenery, wandering its cities and towns, and learning about the culture and people of Arizona.

Arizona is the land of the Ponderosa pine tree as well as the ocotillo and the prickly pear. There’s 12,000 feet of difference between the low point and the highest place in the state. There are Joshua trees on the west side of the state and black bears on the east.

Photo of Superstition Mountains with snow and clouds

History starts with the geologic record and comes into human scale with the tribes who lived in Arizona for 10,000 years before Arizona became a state. Railroads and cars followed the Spanish Conquistadors and the U.S. cavalry across the land.

We’re continuing to explore Arizona, and, of course, we’re taking pictures all along the way.

Giant Arizona Centipede

Check out the different areas, take a look at our pictures, see what you think. Arizona is a lot more than the Grand Canyon and a bunch of cacti.

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